What are web analytics and what are its functions?

What are web analytics and what are its functions?

What are web analytics?

Web analytics is the measurement of the frequency of a website. For example, it’s the number of visitors, visits, page views or the average time of visits.

We analyze the web analytics to optimize search engines (SEO). For example, for an online sales business, analysis of web analytics helps to know what are the most viewed web pages and those that led to a large number of online purchase.

In a B to B environment, the web analytic permits to have a qualitative measure of traffic thanks to the IP address of a computer and the social reason of businesses.

In addition, the web analytic is the analysis of customers data in order to draw conclusions and thus improve its performance. This is very important for a company because its main goal is to increase its sales by increasing brand awareness.



Web analytics process

What are the fonctions of web analytics ?

Web analytics allow to understand the rhythm of his blog because a website is made of high and low. Indeed, there are times when a lot of people cite your blog, post your articles on social networks. But you don’t have to forget that there are also quieter times.

Moreover, web analytics allow to quickly compare two periods on the criteria of choice. For example, if we redid the menu of his blog, we can compare the two periods. In this way, we can see the differences, as site traffic or the average time of visitors on the website.

In addition, web analytics allow to know from what country the visitors come, if they are connect to a computer, tablet or mobile, if it is their first visit, or to know what visitors are looking for on your website etc.


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