Mobile Marketing Trends – Advantages and Drawbacks

14285404_853567624743941_1459217697_o     What is Mobile marketing ?

Mobile marketing includes all the marketing techniques that rely on mobile phones ( smartphones and conventional ) .
Companies have of a new communication channel ( mobile phone and smartphones ) to retain customers or attract new customers

Mobile marketing can take many forms:

•    Use a website suitable for reading on mobile as well as mobile applications to show the company’s products,

•    Diffusion advertisements designed specifically for mobile sites and applications or call on the mobile ,

•    To send SMS, MMS and PUSH notifications to customers ( with their consent ) in order to offer promotions or reduced .

14285404_853567624743941_1459217697_o     Advantages :

•    For example, today 58% of the French have a smartphone. They are more than half to use internet every day and one third using the geolocation of local shops.

•    We can create specialized marketing actions. It affects the consumer through his mobile phone : tool used in everyday life. This enables targeted communication, personalized based on customer data and instantaneous because advertising messages are sent and received in seconds.

•    We can make real-time promotions or communicate around a nearby customer event. We can influence purchase, make it immediate or compulsive.


•    Show the ability of a company to modernize.

•    It is a lower cost communication which affects almost the entire population.

•    Companies use this trend , what mobile marketing, to make themselves known.

• This allows to create important promotions campaigns by adding videos, photos,                                     interactive games, to create a greater impact on the communication campaign .


•    Mobile marketing is also measurable in real time, it helps to assess the effectiveness of the strategy.

14285404_853567624743941_1459217697_o     Drawbacks :

•    To not satisfied the customer , do not make abusive message sends it could annoy and can block messages, and lose interest in the brand.

•    You should know mix different types of messages , both promotions and information to avoid in one case. The consumer is interested in the brand when he receives a message for promotions and in the other case , if he receives too much information about the brand maybe the consumer will not keep showing interest in the brand.

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