How anticipate the needs of consumers thanks to mobile marketing ?

Today, mobile marketing has an important place in the strategy of companies. Indeed, a statistic in 2015 shows that nearly 60 % of French people are mobile users. It means that they use Internet on their phone.

A study by the Mobile Marketing Association shows that mobile users use more and more Internet. Indeed, 87.3 % of French people use every day or almost the internet on their mobile. It’s very easy to navigate on the Internet with a smartphone and today, the majority of consumers have smartphones. This is why companies use mobile marketing.

Now the new challenge for companies is to increase the virtual relationship with their clients to educate more customers and customize their offers.                                 We are going to see two major developments of mobile marketing to anticipate consumer needs.

The marketing automation :

Now, companies can still better target their awareness campaigns thanks to the personal data of customers more and more big and rich in informations. Indeed, today, companies are obliged to use the personal data of their customers because with technological advances, customers have very high expectations.

Marketing automation is very useful. For example, the intelligent delivery platform Appboy can know the perfect time to talk with their users by sending them emails or notifications. The marketing automation is a great way to make offers of products / services at the right time without harass its customers and be tired because it’s automatic.

Increase advertising on social networks :

Today, brands use more and more the functionality « Objectives » of Snapchat to promote a film, for example. Twentieth Century Fox has paid Snapchat to create a special filter for the release of the movie  » Paranormal Activity « . Thus, the users of snap can make snap with this ephemeral filter. Snapchat is a very good means of communication for businesses.



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