What is Retargeting-in-store? Definition and explanations

As you all know, brands would dream to know exactly when consumers are in their point of sale, on their website or on their mobile app to influence them and push them to consume. And today, it’s almost possible. This is called « retargeting-in-store« . Consumer tracking or technological revolution? We tell you everything !

Today, in the digital age, the use of new technologies to communicate multiplies (watches, glasses, robots …) and the purchase procedure changes completely. For brands, the challenge is to succeed in capturing the consumer during his various connections. This is called « retargeting-in-store« .

Indeed, brands must succeed in knowing when the consumer is connected on their website, on their application, on social networks. Then, they have to follow him into the store, analyzing his purchases, his intentions, and spreading promotions and appropriate advertisements. So it’s a revolutionary way for brands to be constantly with buyers to push them as much as possible to consume. And you know, Five Agency tells you the facts but also gives you its opinion!

In our point of view, this method of tracking the consumer to force him to consume is unacceptable. And what is the next step? Knocking people by threatening to buy their products? But for now, no worries. There is still a long way to brands in terms of technology to get to capture the attention of the consumer during his various connections. Indeed, the technological difficulty for brands is to connect the different information systems, to succeed in tracing the consumer’s journey to the physical place thanks to ultrasound or wifi, and to adapt precisely the information disseminated through its geolocation in the shelves.

For now, the leader in this market is Apple. Indeed, the brand detects the presence of the user in a point of sale. Then, the application switches to « in-store » mode to adapt functions to the point-of-sale context (push notifications, self-payment …).

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