What is live streaming? Definition and explanations


In this article, we will explain you what is live streaming.

Since January 2016, French Facebook users can access to direct diffusion, which is called « live streaming ». Indeed, now, they can live filming their every move and diffuse for their friends or for full public. This revolution for Facebook has made some jealous competitors as Twitter.

Actually, the technologic company has already a platform of live streaming that they bought in 2015. It is called Periscope. It permits to twitter users to discuss together through the visualization of a live video. Despite the thought system of the platform, many abuses have taken place and it has been much criticized. All these cases has conducted Periscope at his desertion. Faced with competition from Facebook, the company-decreased attendance would not only be a « second screen » live streaming. It also become the main screen.

Although Twitter is not at the peak of his success, the company is looking for new partners. Indeed, it would permits the live diffusion on the platform. The new focus of the brand is to launch in 2017 the live streaming directly on the platform, so it’s very ambitious. This new direct diffusion would be focus on live streaming sports as NFL matches, political events or entertainment. Pity that everything is not been realized earlier than 2017 because Twitter could have used a live streaming contract for the presidential US in 2016. The multiple debates between Clinton and Trump might have managed to save the deadlock Twitter.

Hope to the economic situation of Twitter will not reject potential collaborators to invest in the giant of 140 characters. Faced with platforms that are constantly growing and are increasingly worshiped as Instagram or Snapchat we could wonder if Twitter will hold on until 2017. Anyway, what is certain is that if Twitter is able to expand its streaming live, social media will attract a new audience that will be essential for him to recover.

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