What is the digital transformation of the customer experience?

Today, 97% of companies are active in fixed Internet and two-thirds are also present on mobile. The results of companies that have managed their mobile turn is 40% higher than companies that have not yet initiated. We are going to see why the customer experience is a digital transformation.


For social networks, Facebook is the most popular social network. Indeed, 57% of businesses are on Facebook and three quarters of companies are on at least one social network. But in the same time, we can see that there are only 20% of companies who have created online communities of customers. It’s not a lot and it doesn’t look anything like the Belgian social security. Indeed, it encourages employees to communicate on social networks and to tell the truth.


Digital is used in 60% of outlets

60% of companies offer a physical digital experience,. They allow to customers to use touch screens (44%), internally geolocation (24%) or mobile payment (14%). Some companies have well understood the benefits of technological innovations, such as Carrefour. Indeed, in this store, it’s the blue lights that illuminate the customer journey. It allows to the brand to make the experience more interactive and personalized store.


The big data is slow to emerge

Today, new technologies make that half of businesses access to customer information in real time, and only 45% of them are able to create new customized offers in real time. However, 78% of companies use this data to refine customer segmentation and assess profitability.


If a company wants to offer a personalized and optimized customer experience, it must be aware to the needs of its customers. Also, it doesn’t be afraid to innovate, find dissatisfaction and levers for improvement. Often, we must rethink the culture of the company for orient it more on customer experience. This is necessary to conquer new markets and differentiate itself from competitors ever faster.


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