Think medecine

The mobile marketing world is much broader than the simple idea of receiving advertising on their Smartphone or by mailing. The world of telephony now allows many things to all people who use Smartphones.
As we have understood, the era of mobile extends more until the medicine. At first glance, it seems unlikely that the world of mobile phones can interfere with a very complex world, which is that of medicine.
Now this is a possible thanks to different mobile applications: We can talk about “connected medicine”.
Indeed, the medical staff as well as patients has access to a multitude of application very intuitive and very useful in the life of some patients with some very serious diseases.
For example, people with diabetes can now control at any time of the day their blood sugar on their Smartphone.
This example is obviously not the only one. Smartphones are now almost all equipped with no manager (pedometer), BMI calculation for weight control or a simple calendar to remember the next appointments to patients.
Regarding medical personnel, the Smartphone era has opened access to a wide network of information that was not previously available in simple study books.
Above all, the intelligence phone was a revolution for everyone and this one is not ready to stop…


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