The top five digital trends in 2017

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After analyzing numerous studies on the behavior of Internet users, everything tells us that some areas of digital marketing will stand out from others and become the trends to follow for the year 2017.

What are these new trends? What is to be learned?


1. Content Marketing

Content marketing covers a wide area of activities including blog posts, articles, live videos, white papers, podcasts … The list is very long! Trillions of content are posted each day, ranging from simple tweets to youtube videos, to articles on new sites.

Content marketing is not about reaching everyone, everywhere. Content marketing is about identifying your target, understanding how they like to consume and where they are, all with the aim of offering appropriate content, reaching the good people at the good time with the good information.

2. Live streaming video

With the constant advances in technology and mobile wifi, video is becoming more and more popular. Today, 46% of videos are viewed on mobile and the outlook is positive for the next 12 months. The video allows a multitude of uses. Most agencies, bloggers and large companies already use video to communicate.

The introduction of Facebook live and Périscope completely releases the stream of video on these platforms. Regardless of the type of business, service providers or traders, live video streaming captures and creates new audiences in search of information and solutions. Unlike traditional videos posted on Youtube, live streaming is only viewed on a single media and can not be downloaded. However it should continue to use it in your marketing strategy, but with some regularity.

3. Marketing automation

Marketing, as with any type of marketing using new technologies, it is best to create contact points for customers with the aim of gradually moving them towards buying. Today, automated systems allow customers to be categorized according to certain criteria in a message channel that is not only tailored to their specific needs, but that personalizes the message as if it were talking to it directly.

The interest of marketing automation is to be able to reach customers on a regular basis. You can integrate how to solve problems and create advanced sales in your automated communication. There are many software packages that allow small businesses to apply automation marketing, create a multitude of new prospects and convert them into customers. With just a website, the mechanism of data, automated mails and a presence on social media, you can offer a flow of information to your business.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile application for sending ephemeral images. Created by 3 students from Stanford University, today it has 10 billion videos seen per day. More and more people of all ages arrive on the social network. Snapchat is a mix of private messages and public content, including a network of brands, publications and live events (sport, music).

Snapchat is now monetized and allows marketers to communicate on the platform to target their audience. The increasing use of video on the platform will allow advertisers to tell stories. This evolution allows the incorporation of their products and services.

5.  Mobile Marketing

The growth in online sales is impressive and continues to become the first option for many buyers. All generations feel more and more at ease and safe with this mode of purchase.

We can already order a taxi, look for a flight and buy tickets, find a hotel, book a table in a restaurant, and all this from our phone, quickly, everywhere. Mobile marketing is very promising for 2017. Imagine

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