How a company established its digital communication?

Digital communication is based on something very simple, often unknown by many companies : the interaction. Once you know the principle of digital communication, you still have to make it useful to your company and your brand.


As you can imagine, it’s not enough of a single action on the internet to allow to your business to be visible on the web. It would be too easy. A study in France showed that the website traffic consisted of :

– 31% of direct access on the observed web sites ( for example : the home page of the company website)

– 40% of external links (social media, web campaigns)

– 29% of SEO

These are the three basic principles of digital communication strategy of a company.




If you want to improve the visibility of your business outside of advertising, the strategy can be summarized in three points:

– Work his SEO

– Generate links (social networks, blogs, forums, web campaigns …)

– Satisfied as best as possible the needs and expectations of the user who arrives at your site (for example : the fact that the user find the information that he wants as quickly as possible, without the need of too look for).

We are going to see how communication on mobile and social media are a good way to established a digital communication in a company.


The communication on mobile :

This communication strategy is a very good practice in terms of digital communication. Indeed, smartphones and tablets are the everyday tools of Internet communication. Therefore, the fact to seek information on the Internet on his phone becomes majority. That makes sense, why go behind her computer if a phone or tablet handy bring the same information immediately?


Social media :

Social media is a good way to interact on the web between the company and its users. This is their main purpose and that is what makes them relevant. Blogs, social networks and forums share information. Social media has a longer life than just writing and everyone can view them at any time.

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