4 mobile marketing trends in 2016

In our society, mobile marketing is the future. We are going to see trends that await visitors this year.


  • Payment on mobile :

Today, more and more consumers use mobile payments. It permites to save time when you buy something and not be forced to have money on yourself, a credit card or a check. The mobile payment has grown thanks to the increasing of mobile applications. They allow to pay quickly and easily with your smartphone. For example, when you register on UBER , you must give your credit card numbers and when you order a UBER with your smartphone, you don’t need to pay the driver because you are automatically debited from your account. This is the same principle for ALLO Resto.


                                            Marketing mobile = money + mobile


  • The ads Instagram :

Recently, the social network Instagram offers sponsored tweets. In this way, brands can increase their visibility on Instagram, which is the 3rd largest social network in terms of subscribers with 400 million users. Messages highlighted on instagram permit to promote a video or a website, allowing the company to increase its profits.


  • The monetization of Snapchat :

Today, more and more young people prefer Snapchat as Facebook. It’s for this reason that the application has created a marketing strategy by charging application but only for big accounts. Moreover, we can see this year that Snapchat has integrated advertising between some snap, which allows to the application to make more money.


  • Videos on mobile :

Companies have found that today consumers are watching more videos on their phone than television or screens in general. Therefore, advertisers have decided to broadcast their ads on mobile because the video is a good way to capture the attention of consumers and lead them to a site or an application.


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