Our team

Five Agency, the new reliable digital agency offers a wide choice of quality services. Our values allow us to achieve challenges every day.

But what are our values ?

– operational monitoring : digital communication is our passion, which means that listening, evaluating the interest of the latest trends and mastering those that seem to us to be important is our daily life.

– common success : a person is not simply a surfer. It’s a common adventure. Helping you to understand our articles is a victory that concerns us as well.

– proximity : we want to be close to our customers because understanding your environment, your objectives and your constraints allow us to publish quality content.

Five Agency handles severals missions as : define the client’s objectives, create/improve its e-reputation, increase its SEO and summarize the competitions of its field. We also develop web communication strategy adapted to our client’s needs.

Thanks to our blog, we propose a quality content focus on the new mobile marketing trends. We choosed the following editorial policy to write our articles : a young and professional way. Concerning the topic « mobile marketing trends », our opinion is clear. We wish to inform you of everything, to be transparent with you. This means that through our articles, we clearly express an opinion, good or bad on the subject. We inform you about the benefits and dangers of mobile marketing.

We want to concern students (20-25 years old) or young adults (25 – 35 years old) who are looking for an easy access content about a specialized theme.
Our important partnership (Région île-de-France, BNP Paribas..) help us to make each article reliable and written from dependable sources. It is a reachable content on a refined topic.

Moreover, we know that our target is young and dynamic. That means she can’t spend too much time learning articles on the internet. In Five agency’s website, you can inquire in few minutes and be aware of what surrounds you in some clicks.

So, let join us !

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